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Effects: euphoria, increased focus, relaxation, creative vibe, sedation, increased appetite, uplifted mood, dry mouth

May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, nausea, pain, anxiety, depression, cramps, lack of appetite, stress, insomnia

Famous OG is a well-balanced marijuana hybrid created by crossing a famous OG Kush with an unknown marijuana strain. This amazing bud comes with all of its parent plant’s pungency and potency, with THC levels ranging between 14% and even 30%! Thus, Famous OG may be a great choice for both marijuana newbies and regular users.

The Famous OG marijuana strain has dense and large buds that have a typical indica-like structure, from almost completely cylindrical to cone-shaped and slightly tapered. These mossy green buds are glittering with a generous layer of translucent white trichomes and bright orange pistils. Famous OG is one of the most sticky and resinous strains you can find.

The hybrid with comes with all the kushy pungency typical for kush strains. Famous OG has a nice smell, where the main aroma is sour citrus, making almost everyone drool even before they burn this bud. These fruity and sour notes are nicely combined with the earthy hints of pine and wet soil, which are even more noticeable once you grind your buds.

Although the Famous OG marijuana strain has some specific dank notes, the buds definitely burn with a light-tasting and very smooth smoke. Long after smoking it, you can still taste its sharp flavor and feel this dank aroma. If you want to keep your smoking session discreet, you may want to reconsider your marijuana strain choice.

Medicinally, the effects of Famous OG start to work their way fairly quickly, intensifying over time. This perfectly balanced hybrid induces creative and abstract thinking, stimulating the user rather than leading to a sleeping session. Famous OG makes users more conversational and social than usual, allowing them to control both speech and thoughts even after a heavy session with this hybrid.

The Famous OG marijuana strain may be a perfect wake and bake choice, as it improves analytical, methodical problem solving, while causing a nice body high. This combination leads to an impressive and powerful mix of both mental and physical effects. Although Famous OG leads to a nice body relaxation, the hybrid doesn’t necessarily cause a couch-lock.

All in all, Famous OG can be enjoyed whenever you prefer, as it’s perfect for quiet and introspective, relaxing evening, as well as social activities. Because Famous OG comes with a balanced ratio of both indica and sativa genetics, it can be enjoyed at any time of your day.

As the strain induces a clear-headed and uplifting high, it may help with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, allowing patients to get their things done and be more “in the moment”. Moreover, Famous OG may be ideal for relieving deep-seated pain, headaches, and migraines.

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